15050-SG front glazed.

15050-SG Front Glazed

15050-SG front glazed.

The 15055-SG (Single Glazed) Front Glazed system offers a superior external finish. With the use of Structurally Glazed Split mullions you are able to achieve a continuous glass facade on your next project.

The 15055-SG Front Glazed also has sill and transom options to allow external or internal glazing. This is a huge advantage on multi storey buildings/houses.

Features of the 15055-SG Front Glazed

  • Captive Wedge system available for 6-6.38mm glazing to ensure ease when on-site glazing
  • Combinations with Hinge Doors and Awning sashes
  • Split mullions to achieve the look of continuous glass
  • Sub Framing available (Subsill & Sub Head)
  • Externally or internally glazed system

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