omega thermally broken entrance doors.

Omega Thermally Broken

omega thermally broken entrance doors.

OMEGA® has a range of innovative, high-quality entrance doors for your home or commercial property. Make your entrance count with Omega.

The flush glazed door including LED lighting is completely unique in the marketplace and has been much admired by Architects and Residential customers. 

standard residential entrance doors

OMEGA® Entrance Doors offer both classic and contemporary approaches to your homes entry point. We have a full range of traditional tongue and groove doors that can be assembled at any width. These can be provided as a French Door arrangement or single panels. We pride ourselves on leading the industry with cutting-edge design in Entrance Doors and constantly adding to the range.


  • Vertical tongue and groove door panel assemblies with optional ‘expressed’ glazed inserts
  • Flush Glass Door – structurally glazed door. Door construction is concealed when the panel is closed in the frame. A variety of finishes and materials can be structurally glazed into the panel
  • The same door can be glazed with painted glass with baked on colour for a durable colour-fast appearance
  • Also available with interior 12V LED lighting, this can be used to great effect with or without an interior infill element.

pivot doors

OMEGA® Architectural Pivot Doors are unique in the Australia’s market. We’ve developed a highly capable and strong solution for large custom door work. This panel can be supplied in a Residential type frame for more typical installation details. The Architectural Pivot was designed with safety and simplicity of use in mind, we utilize industry-leading hydraulic closer gear to control such a big door leaf. Truly an industry-leading product.


  • Structurally glazed door panel with virtually invisible rails and hinge stile
  • 52mm panel conceals all the pivot hardware
  • Capable of pivoting door assemblies up to 200 kilos in weight
  • The system allows the use of concealed overhead transom closers
  • Range of framing types to allow for a variety of installation types
  • Allows the use of dust sockets for discrete multipoint locking strikes
  • Designed to allow door assemblies up to 2.7 metres in height and 1.4 metres in width
  • Sill frame as low as 30mm in height is available

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